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11-12 year-old Hound Mix, MALE

Rambo is our sweet senior, who doesn't know he's a senior.  We found him scavenging the trash cans in our neighborhood and knew we needed to bring him to Camp. 

A former hunting dog, Rambo has not had an easy life, but it hasn't taken away his sweet and trusting nature.  Despite the way humans have treated him in the past, Rambo is trusting and ready to love anyone he comes accross.

Rambo is sweet, playful, and LOVES to eat.  He loves humans and is an attention hog.  He can be annoying to other dogs because of his surprising energy, but Rambo gets along well with other dogs, especially females.

He has a long list of age-related ailments but is Leish free.  Rambo deserves to live out his days in a loving home.

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