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We are dedicated to stepping up our Rehabilitation efforts, which is by no means an easy feat. But through cooperation and community involvement, we believe we can facilitate progress in this area.

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Brown Dog

Puppies and Parvo Prevention

Rescue Puppy

Injured Strays

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Help for Your Pets



A pet should never have to be abandoned or surrendered because its family cannot pay for veterinary treatment.  We can help.

Strays in our area live a dangerous life and are often injured by vehicles, other animals, or humans.  As the first line of defense, we are often called upon to help an injured stray.  It is only through the generous donations of our sponsors that we can continue to do this work

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Parvovirus is highly contagious and often deadly.  Learn how to prevent, contain and recognize the signs of parvovirus in stray puppies.

Khalazar / Leishmaniasis is endemic to our region and incurable,  But it does not have to mean the end of an animal's life.  With proper care and daily medication, a khalazar dog can live a long, healthy life.

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