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Puppy Chin Scratch


Helping Those in Need

With our mission always in mind, we strive to find new strategies to make our Rescue efforts more effective. Contact us to learn more about our team’s hard work and commitment to this cause.

Rescue Puppy

Our rescue activity

Transparency is important to us.  Come back soon to see how we spent our funds every month

Grey Cat


Continuing with our commitment to transparency, we will account for every Euro donated to our organization.  Come back soon to see how.

Data Center

Our commitment to transparency

Come back to this space to see how our numbers add up. UNTIL THE END OF APRIL, THE NUMBERS BELOW ARE FOR DISPLAY PURPOSES ONLY.


We used X% of the funds we received in April to feed the animals under our care and strays in the community.

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We used X% of our funds to pay vet bills.  This included X amount of surgeries, medications, vaccinations, etc.

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We sterilized X number of dogs and X number of cats this month at a price of X$.  This is up 65% from April of last year

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